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10 Things You Can Only do in the Summer ...

By Kati

The Summertime is amazing. Not only do you get to wear much cuter outfits, but its warmer and everyone seems to be in a much more cheerful mood. There’s also the pretty flowers and great days out to look forward too, and of course, the Summer holiday! Not feeling the Summer-love this year? Here are 10 other things that are only acceptable in the Summer...

Table of contents:

  1. getting your five-a-day from alcohol
  2. thinking family holidays are a great idea
  3. suddenly becoming a sports goddess
  4. having emergency fake tan sessions
  5. claiming foreign cash doesn’t count
  6. thinking alfresco sex is a good idea
  7. wearing a cow boy hat
  8. deciding to plan a lovely day out in the country...
  9. using plastic cutlery
  10. having inappropriate thoughts...

1 Getting Your Five-a-Day from Alcohol

Photo Credit: *Yεss*

Getting your five a day from those cute fruit slices in cocktails, and of course from Pimms and Lemonade, is totally acceptable in the Summer. In the Winter? More than a bottle of wine a week and the rumours could start...

2 Thinking Family Holidays Are a Great Idea

Photo Credit: maxdream

You can’t talk to your sister without causing an argument, and your Mum drives you mad after a few hours. A family holiday to Greece, though? What a great idea! Everyone seems to forget all those other holidays you thought would be fine, and acts surprised when the arguments start...

3 Suddenly Becoming a Sports Goddess

Photo Credit: Fahad Al Nusf

If you decided to try rugby, everyone would think you’d gone insane. Deciding you are sure to be a world-class natural water skier while on a hot beach and admiring the instructor? Totally normally in the Summer. And a great way to get him to invite you out for drinks...after he’s rescued you, of course!

4 Having Emergency Fake Tan Sessions

Photo Credit: Eric Bégin

In the Winter, girly nights consist of thick pyjamas, popcorn and good movies. In the Summer? Emergency fake tan sessions are mandatory before every social event, and the random shaving of body parts such as toes. Normal? Only in the Summer!

5 Claiming Foreign Cash Doesn’t Count

Photo Credit: Osvaldo_Zoom

While you carefully budgeted your way through the Winter months, with buy one get one free offers and cheap drink nights, in the Summer you have a ‘foreign cash doesn’t count’ policy, and spend as much as you need on gorgeous food, alcohol and partying. And no one bats an eyelid!

6 Thinking Alfresco Sex is a Good Idea

Photo Credit: Renata Baião

When the birds start tweeting, the flowers come out and it’s lovely and warm out, it can be easy to remember how sexy and romantic alfresco sex is supposed to be...very easy. But, it isn’t. You’ll worry someone can see you, the phone will ring, the dog will try to play with you, you’ll get your clothes filthy...We know all these things. There’s just something in the sun (and probably the alcohol!) that makes us think it’ll be perfect this time, though...

7 Wearing a Cow Boy Hat

Photo Credit: springlakecake

What is it with cowboy hats and the Summer? The heat makes everyone feel wild at heart, and suddenly cowboy hats, studded boots and ripped shorts are all the craze, and must be worn everywhere. Including work, and weddings. Wear it out in the Winter? Only for fancy dress!

8 Deciding to Plan a Lovely Day out in the Country...

Photo Credit: Hello, I am Bruce

Including riding your bike deep into the country with a picnic, and sitting in a lovely romantic field full of flowers. Apart from you hate bike riding, your legs will hurt, you’ll get hayfever, and your picnic will be eaten by the resident cows/sheep/bulls in the field. Or the field will belong to a crazy farmer.

9 Using Plastic Cutlery

Photo Credit: MimiLimi

Normally, plastic cups would be seen as lazy, and your Mum would be horrified. Somehow it’s okay in the Summer, though, and sipping good wine and eating BBQ food from plastic equipment is allowed, and almost expected. Why? I have no idea, but I hate washing up, so it suits me!

10 Having Inappropriate Thoughts...

Photo Credit: ido1

Wondering if you have weird looking knees and caring more about your bikini line then global warming is totally acceptable in the Summer. After all, bad bikini lines are horrible, and who wants weird knees?!

The biggest reason I love Summer? It’s so much fun! Everyone feels happy and rejuvenated by the Sun, and everyone is up for adventures, even if they will never work. You’ll have fun just trying, and you’ll get some great memories! Why do you love Summer? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: gege.gatt

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