10 Things to Keep in Your Car ...

Whether it’s the middle of a freezing cold winter or a piping hot summer, you’ll need a few things in the trunk of your car in case of disaster in the form of an untimely break-down. So for those "just in case" situations, here is my list of the top ten things you need to stash in your trunk, and keep in your car at all times.

1. Spare Tire and Jack

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Whether there have been signs that you need a new car or tire or even if your car and tires are brand new, it’s very likely that at some point, you’ll get a flat tire, one that you’ll have to change (gasp!) yourself. So make sure there’s a spare tire and a jack in the trunk, and that the spare is viable. Make sure you know how to take the flat tire off and replace it with the spare, too. It’s a lot easier and safer to check before you get stranded in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter…

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