10 Things That Will Make You Happy ...

I chose to write this post, because I think being happy is the most important way to be healthy. At times, when I get sad my husband tries to make me happy, because he knows it's something that needs to be done. However, I don't expect him to make me happy all the time, which is why I find ways that make me happy. And here are 10 things that work for me...

10. Vacation!

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We all love to take a vacation, because for one, it makes you happy to get away from everyday life. You can take a vacation in the wild or near a beach. We usually go to a Florida beach resort off of Saint Augustine or Daytona. If you don't have beaches, you should try a cabin or taking a trip overseas. This will definitely put a smile on your face. However, when you look at your bank balance afterwards, you might frown.

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