10 Things Girls do but Are Too Embarrassed to Admit ...

Some weird and even disgusting habits are reserved only for guys but it would be unfair to say that we don’t do the half of the things they do plus some they wouldn’t think of doing. We are the prettier and better mannered half for sure, but, since it’s only us girls here, why not discuss some of those habits most ladies have in common? Here’s the list of 10 things I believe all girls do sometimes:

1. We Fart… Regularly!

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Photo Credit: screanzatopo (Bici & mici)

We won’t make a competition out of it and we definitely won’t try to set our farts on fire, but this normal body function is not a stranger to us either. If there are people around, we will excuse ourselves, go to the bathroom and try to make as less noise as possible. But if we are alone we don’t mind letting a loud, smelly one out whenever we feel like doing it.

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