10 Tasty Mixed Drinks for Fall ...

Just because Halloween is over and Christmas decorations have started appearing in the stores doesn't mean you have to give up on fall just yet. In fact, while looking up recipes for a dinner party, I found a ton of tasty drinks meant to capture the essence of fall. I'm not a big drinker myself but sometimes a cocktail is lovely, and here are some delicious autumnal treats I can't wait to try.

1. Autumn Punch

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Photo Credit: Nick Saltmarsh

A yummy fall treat, this drink is incredibly simple to make, and full of fruity deliciousness. For instance, some of the ingredients it calls for include green or purple plums, not to mention cloves, vanilla, and CranApple juice. You can also make it non-alcoholic by simply leaving out the wine – which, if included, should be a sweet white wine, unless you go with the recommended Gewurztraminer.

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