10 Small Joys I Appreciate …

I can think of a number of things that I'm appreciative of, but I wrote down just 10 for this list. Here is my list of 10 small joys I appreciate. Feel free to add your own. I love hearing about the little things that make people happy!

10. To Come across a Secret Stash of Chocolate That I'd Forgotten about

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Have you ever opened the desk drawer or a jar on the counter top to find a piece of chocolate that you'd forgotten? It rarely happens at my house, due to the large number of sweet-tooth holders living there. However, it has happened a couple of times and it is such an amazing feeling. There's something exciting about finding that luscious piece of chocolate and savoring every bite.

9. Coming Home to a Clean House

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This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but those who are in charge of most of the cleaning at home will understand what I mean. It's such a good feeling to come home and not have to worry about cleaning, because it's already been done.

8. Getting a Surprise Phone Call from a Friend I Haven't Talked to in a Very Long Time

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Isn't it always such a great feeling to hear from a friend that you've thought hard about calling, but just never seemed to find the time to? I sometimes feel like a turd for not actually making the call myself, but I still am thrilled to talk to my good friend!

7. Being Told I Made a Difference

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It doesn't have to be any life-altering difference. I'm thrilled if my kids tell me that I made their day by remembering to wash a favorite pair of jeans or by cooking a favorite item for dinner. It's the little things in life that can actually mean so much to a person.

6. Seeing the First Blooms in the Spring

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The redbud trees tend to be the first to notice that spring is in the air. They sprout dark purple blossoms well before any flowers or leaves ever begin to appear. The woods are filled with a purple hue in no time. This is such a gorgeous sight!

5. Being Greeted by My Dog

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Annika is always so thrilled to see me, no matter how long I've been away. I can be gone a couple of days or a couple of minutes and it's all the same to her. She greets me by running circles around me and it even looks like she's grinning at times. I'm sure people who have dogs know exactly what I'm talking about. This excitement is so great to come home to!

4. Listening to the Cat Purr by My Head at Night

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I find the sound of a purring cat to be very soothing. I know she isn't doing it for my benefit, but it sure seems like she's trying to help me go to sleep. My mom once told me that she used to set my carrier on top of the dryer as she would fold laundry and I always fell asleep. Maybe the steady sound of purring has a similar affect on me.

3. Seeing How Excited My Husband Gets when He Writes a New Song

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He immediately comes out of the bedroom with his guitar in hand and has a huge smile on his face. I know right away that he's come up with something he feels is amazing or funny or sometimes both. It's great to see him so happy about something, that I can't help by smile before I even hear the song.

2. Hearing My Kids Giggle

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They might be teenagers, but they still get the giggles from time to time. I like hearing them quietly giggle to one another when they are hanging out playing video games or just chatting in the bedroom. Listening to them always makes me smile.

1. Watching the Sunrise off of the Front Porch

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I love starting off the morning by watching the pinkish orange sun rise into the sky each morning. I can sit on the porch and sip my coffee as it comes up over the hills. Cloudy days make for much better sunrises, so I don't mind if there are a few clouds in the sky each morning. It's such a fantastic way to wake up each morning.

Do you share any of these 10 small joys I appreciate or are yours completely different? I try to be thankful for every little thing, but sometimes I have to sit down and make a list of things I'm happy about, just so I can get rid of a gloomy mood that is hanging over me. It works every time!

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