10 Signs Your Best Friend is Turning into a Frenemy ...

You two used to be like sisters. She was the keeper of your dark little secrets, the shoulder you could cry on, your missing piece and your favorite shopping pal. But lately, things have changed and you just don’t know, is she a friend or an enemy? Here are 10 signs your bestie is becoming your frenemy...

1. She Doesn’t Look Too Happy when Something Good is Happening to You

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Photo Credit: mscaprikell

That hot guy is totally into you, you finally got promoted or you have just passed an incredibly hard exam and you can't wait to share the great news with your best friend! Only, she doesn’t look or sound too happy about it… She mumbles something like “Mhm... Great… That’s nice…” and continues the usual chit-chat like nothing happened. Hello! What happened to “Wow! That’s great honey! I knew you can do it!” ?

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