10 Signs You Might Be Pregnant ...

Whether you’re trying to conceive, or you’re not planning a pregnancy at all, it’s good to know the first signs that you might be pregnant. Any sexual activity can lead to pregnancy, so there’s always a risk if you’re sexually active. Before you take that pregnancy test, here are the signs to look for…

1. You Missed Your Period

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Missing your period , or having a very light period can mean a lot of things — you’re stressed, you haven’t been eating well. But it can also mean you’re pregnant.

2. Your Breasts Are Tender

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One of the first signs that you might be pregnant is for your breasts to be tender. Some women feel tender or sore before their periods, but others also have soreness when they’re pregnant.

3. You Feel Nauseous

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Oh my goodness, morning sickness is the worst! If you wake up feeling sick, and have to throw up, you might be pregnant. Of course, you might also just have a stomach bug! For me, though, my morning sickness was all-day sickness… I was sick all day long.

4. You Have Strange Food Cravings

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If you’re craving green grapes or bologna sandwiches, and you HATE those things, it’s another sign you might be pregnant. Doctors say that pregnant women crave weird things because their bodies need some kind of nutrient found in the food, but for me, it was cheesy pizza bread… what nutrient is in that?

5. You’re Tired

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If you’re normally the most energetic person, and suddenly you’re just exhausted, you might be pregnant.

6. You’re Hungry

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If you’re always hungry, no matter how much you’re eating, you may be pregnant.

7. You’re Moody

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Mood swings! One minute you’re deliriously happy, the next you’re crying your eyes out, the next you’re mad as hell. You might have PMS, or you might be pregnant.

8. You Feel Bloated

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Why aren’t your favorite jeans fitting right? Why is that t-shirt or tank top clinging to your belly when it never did before? If your clothes aren’t fitting right, or if you just feel bloated, you might be pregnant.

9. You Feel More off or on than Usual

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If you just don’t feel like yourself, you might be pregnant. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true, and there’s no better way to describe it.

10. Your Skin Looks Amazing!

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Not all pregnancy signs are bad! Most women say they have the best complexions of their life when they’re pregnant. No blemishes, and that gorgeous, happy glow!

If you have some of these signs, and you’re just not sure, you should try a home pregnancy test. Or, you can visit your doctor or a free pregnancy testing clinic. That’s really the only way to be sure if you’re going to be a proud mama or if it’s something else.

Ladies, how did you first suspect you were pregnant? I knew before I even missed my period because I was just so tired all the time… what about you?

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