10 Signs That He Has a Crush on You ...


Girls, I know that guys are unpredictable and this is nothing new to us. When it comes to girls, it does not matter if he is shy or outgoing, in some way, shape or form, he is going to show if he has a crush on you or not. There are some natural tendencies, which tell us if he has a crush on a girl. There is some scientific proof to help tell whether he has a crush on you:

10. When You Are Talking, He Pays Close Attention and His Stance Shows It

If they are paying attention or listening closely, they usually lean in towards the person. In addition to this, they tend to position themselves in a flattering way. For example, the guy will stand taller in order to make themselves look larger. In turns, this allows them to appear more stronger in front of the girl they have a crush on. It is male behavior. While, if the guy is standing there, shifting his weight constantly with his arms crossed, then he probably doesn’t have a crush.

Look Deep into His Eyes