10 Shows I Loved in 2010 ...

First of all, I have to say that not all of these shows started in 2010. I'm just talking about the shows I loved watching that were on this past year. Some of them are new hits, some of them are old favorites, and some of them are really, really awful. Hey, I never said I had great taste. I do, just maybe not in TV all the time. At any rate, here are 10 shows I loved in 2010 – plus the first seasons of each, in case you need to play catch up!

1. Hell's Kitchen

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Oh Gordon Ramsey, how do I love thee? I love most of Chef Ramsey's shows, but Hell's Kitchen is unquestionably my favorite, and I loved the season just past. Well, okay, some bits of it made me angry, but I was very pleased with the ending. I have to ask, though, did Trevor and Russell both get on anyone else's last nerves?

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