57 Hottest Women Celebrities ...

Ah, sexy women celebrities... Whether you love 'em, hate 'em or envy them for their seeming perfection, you can't deny that the world of glitz and glamour would be rather dull without the magic that these 55 sexiest women celebrities exude. A BIG thank you to our fabulous editor Lyndsie for helping with this awesome post and to all our fabulous readers who helped pick the top ten hottest women celebrities of our time!

57. Kristin Kreuk

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Born on: December 30, 1982.
Sexy because: of her beautiful smile, voluminous hair and gorgeous dark eyes.
Hottest Moment: She has lots of steamy make out scenes with her current co-star, Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast.

Love Life: Her personal life is not much talked about but she has supposedly been dating Mark Hildreth for over three years! He should definitely put a ring on it!

See her next: On the next season of Beauty and the Beast after their summer hiatus! The show is completely addicting.

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