10 Sexiest New Scents for This Fall ...

Every time summer runs to its end, I get a little bit sad. No more flirty wedges, no more white summer dresses for the next 8 long months! And with the Christmas holidays being so far away, there's nothing else, but fall with its rainy days, gray sky and chilly mornings.

So, what a girl to do to find it in her heart to look smashing every morning and feel fabulous in and out too? Wearing some provocative clothes or some lace lingerie could help … It would certainly catch your man's eye:

But if wearing fishnet stockings is not on your list, another way to bring that summer groove back would be to try a new ****sexy/flirty perfume!

That's what my girlfriends and I do every fall - we get new perfumes to cheer us up and this fall the designers came up with so many new sexy scents, I am personally at loss as to which one to choose:

10. New Prada Perfume - L'eau Ambree

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Price: $117.00 at neimanmarcus.com
This is a great one that was shown in Vanity Fair 2009. It has some balancing notes of amber, de mai, rose and cedral. It is not a smell that is over powering, like a lot of the perfumes on the market today. This is light in smell and overall, there is nothing to complain about. We know that you will absolutely love it.

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