10 Rules of Etiquette at the Gym ...

Just after New Years, my normally quiet gym is suddenly so busy, I have to wait for the elliptical machine I like best, and then wait for a shower. I’ve always thought there should be some sort of new member orientation program, where the staff shows the newbie how to turn on the treadmill and Jacuzzi, and maybe shows a video on why it’s important to always wear flip-flops in the shower (athlete’s foot, ick!). I’ve never been to a gym that does an orientation, so I thought I’d do it myself. Here are my top ten rules of etiquette at the gym. Please, read these and remember them! You’ll thank me later…

1. Don’t Hog the Equipment!

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There is one girl at my gym who uses one elliptical machine to exercise on, and the one next to it for her sweatshirt. She just hangs it there, oblivious to the four people waiting to use a machine. It’s rude to hog the equipment, and I have a feeling she just does it for the attention. Also, if you’re done using a piece of equipment, and are just standing there talking to awork-out friend, look around to see if anyone else is waiting. If they are, wipe it down and walk away! You can catch up on the gossip in the locker room!

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