10 Ridiculously Overpriced Items ...

We feel the need to buy an expensive, overrated, branded product here and there, right? After all, you only live once! We could have came up with a better way to use the money, of course, but it feels good to know that you have that thing you have been wishing for. Now, if somebody here thinks that’s irrational shopping, they better get ready for a big surprise! Here’s what rich people like to spend their pocket money on:

1. Diamond Embellished Bra

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Photo Credit: homorazzi.com

You think that diamonds look the best on a woman’s finger? Wait until you see how they looks on her boobs. Okay, I know everything looks great on a Victoria’s Secret angel but, hey, let me have it – my boobs would look just as good with 2900 diamonds on them! Sorry, my mistake, 2901! Now how could I forget to mention that huge 70-karat flawless diamond in the center?

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