10 Relationships Every Woman Needs to Have ...

Relationships aren’t just about the people inside them. Different types of relationship, and break up, will teach you different things, and expose you to different emotions and how to handle them. There are some relationships that every woman needs to have, to show them all the different types, and to give them the best knowledge and power to take into their future relationships. Here are the ten types everyone needs...how many have you had?

1. Your First Love

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You remember your first love, right? The way your heart fluttered, and everything reminded you of him, and all those love songs started to make sense? Then you got your first kiss, and at some point afterwards, your first break up. As well as teaching us that love hurts, your first love shows you that it can be beautiful, and that it is worth believing in. You’ll even eventually see that the relationship still has good memories, even through the pain, and that the pain does go away. What a hard lesson, though!

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