10 Reasons Why I Prefer Facebook over Myspace ...

Facebook vs. Myspace, yes it’s a big war on the Internet. Some prefer Myspace, but many others say Myspace is in the past. There is also a MyYearbook, which is okay, but it’s not really my thing. Now is the time for Facebook. That’s right, Facebook has taken over the Internet. Below, I am going to give you 10 reasons why I prefer Facebook over Myspace. However, I know that some of the things I like about Facebook can be found on Myspace as well, but I find it easier on Facebook for some reason.

10. Not as Many Young Kids on Facebook

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Photo Credit: Rodrigo Bertolino

Have you noticed that it’s not all “teenager-like" on Facebook? There are so many teenagers on Myspace though. It seems that maybe Facebook is something that is for adults.

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