10 Reasons to Love Kate Winslet ...

It’s time to celebrate Mrs. Winslet and show her how well deserved her Oscar win for**Best Actress** is. Here are 10 reasons to love her with or without all the awards.

10. She Isn’t Afraid to Play a Wide Range of Characters…

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We have seen Winslet as a strong but confused young lady in “Titanic”, as a lost memory from her boyfriend’s head in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, as a wife and mother who wanted more than her ordinary life in “Revolutionary Road”, and as a lover who disappears only to be found years later on trial defending herself in “The Reader”.

I have seen the first three movies and plan to see them all being the Winslet fan that I am. Each one of her characters is someone we can relate **to and I feel that Winslet gives you that opportunity through her **passion for acting. Which of these movies or other movies of Winslet’s have you seen?
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