10 Reasons I Love to Write ...

Obviously, Iā€™m a big fan of writing. When I was thirteen, I started writing poetry -- very bad poetry that continued until I was in high school and got a few ideas about form, rhythm, and content. Through school, I always had a love of fiction as well. And now, writing allows me to have a profession I love. Here are a few of the reasons why writing remains my first love.

1. Expressing Myself

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I can talk a blue streak -- too much, sometimes. When Iā€™m passionate about something -- and that includes being passionately angry -- my tongue can sometimes get away from me; it goes from a silver tongue to a switchblade tongue and all kinds of hot mess can happen. When Iā€™m nervous, I tend to stutter. When Iā€™m excited, I make no sense whatsoever. Writing my feelings on a subject helps me make more sense and express myself more clearly.

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