10 Reasons Best Friends Are Better than Boyfriends ...

In high school, I know a lot of girls are focused on their boyfriends and sometimes, they have a tendency to forget about their best friend. Their best friend is left out in the cold while the girl is dating a boy. All of a sudden, the boy seems to be the most important thing. Then, out of nowhere, the relationship ends for whatever reason, then the girl goes back to the best friend begging for forgiveness and saying she is sorry for ignoring her for all those months. Of course, the best friend accepts the apology and forgives. There are so many reasons why best friends are better than boyfriends. Below, I am going to give 10 reasons best friends are better than boyfriends …

10. You Can Talk for Hours

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For starters, you can speak to your best friend for hours. It seems as if you can live on the phone with her. When it comes to a boyfriend, you cannot do this, because he has to go hang out with his own friends – even though you are totally committed to him – he seems to have a life outside of the relationship and that is fine, but it seems that this life is more important than spending time with you.

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