10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Business ...

Some people are content to work for others in a 9-5 job. However, there are those who want to break free from the confines of a cubicle. If you are one of those people, then you probably want to start your own business and be your own boss. You want to own your hours and do something you love. As wonderful as it all sounds, starting a business can be a messy deal. So before you decide to risk your savings and your sanity for your own business, ask yourself these questions to check if you can become a full fledged entrepreneur.

1. Will My Idea Make Money?

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Even if you want to make a business out of something you are passionate about, you should still take into consideration its money making potential. Think about the present market competition and how you will fare against them. Try to pinpoint the unique selling point of your product or service.

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