21 Pros and Cons of Using Tampons for Your Period ...

Today, you will find that the average woman uses around twelve thousand tampons during her life. They are a convenience that allows freedom to be confident and active without having to worry about those embarrassing leaks. You have to admit, the world has come a long way since having rags pinned into the undergarments or bulky pads. I wanted to write this blog, because I wanted to tell you the pros and cons of using tampons for your period…

1. Pro: Comfortable to Wear

Women have a tendency to find tampons more comfortable than wearing pads. With tampons, they are able to stay active, without worrying about it “falling” out of place.

2. Con: More Difficult

Some women find tampons to be difficult to use, so they turn to pads. If you're scared to put something into your body, it's understandable.

3. Pro: Cleaner

It is cleaner. Need I say more? With a tampon (as long as you use the right size), there is not much mess to clean up and it does not get smelly like pads do at times

4. Con : Uncomfortable Insertion

I have seen many women on blogs that state how they do not like shoving something up “there.” They do not feel comfortable with wearing the tampon.

5. Pro: Free to Swim

When you wear a tampon, you can go swimming. It is also more comfort compared to wearing a pad, so you will be able to play sports a lot easier.

6. Con: Squatting

Putting in the tampon correctly will require you to squat. If you're not in the mood for exercise, this could be an issue for you.

7. Pro: No Visibility

When you wear a pad, do you know how it shows through your pants? That little line can be embarrassing. When you wear a tampon, you will no longer have to worry about those lines.

8. Con: Tricky to Tell

You will not be able to tell that the tampon is soaked just by looking at it as you can with a pad. That means that you might wear it for a little too long and allow leaking.

9. Pro: Easy to Discard

Tampons are easier to throw away than pads as they can easily be tossed into the toilet. To throw out pads, you need to wrap them up in toilet paper and toss them in the trash.

10. Con: TSS

Most importantly, tampons can lead to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) if you leave them in too long and do not property take care of them.

11. Pro: No Smell

If you wear your pads for too long, you might start to notice a bit of a smell. When you wear tampons, that will never happen as long as you remove them after the right length of time.

12. Con: Right Absorbency

Make sure you purchase tampons with the right absorbency for your body. If you wear ones that are too absorbent, it could cause vaginal dryness and give you health issues.

13. Pro: Keeps Your Secret

Pads take up more room in your purse than tampons do. If you have a pencil case, you can slip a few tampons into it, and no one will ever know the difference. They're easy to keep on the down low.

14. Con: Not Eco-Friendly

Tampons are not biodegradable, unlike pads. So when you discard of them, you aren't helping the environment. Of course, you can always make it up by planting a tree every time you get your period.

15. Pro: Wear Any Underwear

If you're wearing pads, you need to wear underwear that will cover enough of your body to stop potential leakage. If you wear a tampon, you can wear whatever underwear you'd like. You can do as you please.

16. Con: Unsafe for Sleeping

Since you don't want to get TSS, you shouldn't wear tampons for more than four hours at a time. That means that although you can wear tampons during the day, it's safer to wear pads at night, when you'll be unconscious for six to eight hours.

17. Pro: Variety

There's such a large variety of tampons to choose from, so you can find the right type for your body. If one makes you uncomfortable, then you can always try another brand.

18. Con: Hard to do at First

After a few years of wearing tampons, you'll be able to insert them without an issue. However, when you first try to put one inside of your body, you might have trouble. It could take you a few attempts to get it right.

19. Pro: Quiet

When you use pads, you have to deal with more wrappers than tampons. If you're in a crowded bathroom and don't want anyone to hear you rustling around, then it's better to slip a pad out of a package than to unwrap a pad.

20. Con: Expensive

While both pads and tampons can end up being costly, you should pay attention to how much you're paying for them. If the pads at your store are cheaper, you might want to use them instead. All that money adds up over time.

21. Pro: Confidence

There's a lower chance of blood leaking onto your clothes when you wear tampons, and you'll feel more free to move around, which means that you'll have more confidence than you usually do on your period. Isn't that the most important thing?

I do not recommend you using the “cheapo” tampons as the residue and “fabric” from them get left behind in the vagina and can cause bacteria to build up. Do you know of any pros or cons of using tampons that I did not list? If so, please do share the information with the rest of us…

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.