10 Phrases That Make a Better Fight ...

Every couple fights, but the key is to fighting right. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but there are ways to fight right. In fact, you can even use some phrases that make a better fight. That also sounds a little confusing, but what I mean is that, during the course of an argument, there some things you can say that will make the discussion stay on course, so it doesn't veer off into the wrong direction and end up hurting you or your partner. Take a look!

1. “I Feel Unappreciated.”

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Often, this is the key to a fight – one partner or the other doesn't feel appreciated, or feels at least like their views and opinions are unappreciated. This can cause the argument to blow out of proportion in no time at all. Simply taking the time to voice your feelings, however, can derail an argument and lead it into a calm discussion.

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