10 Muscle Cars to Fall in Love with ...

Do you like to drive fast and powerful cars? Well, it's not hard to fall in love with a certain type of car and I assure you if you tried a muscle car it would be instant love. That brute power and torque that most muscle cars have make driving a lot different than driving the average car. Roast your tires or even press the petal to hear the loud engine roar. Will you fall in love with my list of muscle cars?

10. The Chevy Nova

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Photo Credit: kenfagerdotcom

The Chevy nova is defiantly a muscle car that has loads of power and torque that could blow you away. The back wheel drive gives the motor the right torque to roast those tires and make that power comes alive. Although, they don't start out like a exotic car or front wheel drive, this car can still meet 0 - 60 in a few seconds. Only reason they are a bit slow on start off is the reason of too much power and huge motors in the front. A good muscle car to try and fall in love with.

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