1. Herpes


The Herpes virus causes sores that appear on the vaginal area, penis and/or the anus. Sometimes, it can appear around the mouth. There is no cure, only medical treatment is available. Herpes is something that never goes away, so it can return, and it is contagious even when there are no visible sores. A patient can have anywhere from four to seven flare ups each year. This is the silent disease. Your partner could have it and you would never notice it.

Photo Credit: Nightscars

Many of these diseases are highly contagious, so it is best to know who you are sleeping with. Always, ALWAYS use a condom to prevent the spread of these diseases!Sexually transmitted diseases are nothing to play around with and they will not go away with a blink of the eye. I know this is personal, but do you know anyone with one of these diseases? How did they discover they had it? What were their symptom, and how was it treated?

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