2. Dirty Dancing (1987)

This movie is magic, something more than the ordinary romantic movie. Everyone who has seen Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze dance into our hearts in this movie will remember it forever...

Romantic Plot: A good girl from a well-to-do family falls in love with an older bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Baby (Grey) and Johnny (Swayze) reinvent the genre during one summer vacation at a posh, family friendly camp, although viewers are left wondering if they reached their happily-ever-after following their iconic dance. They do succeed in proving that love is more important than money, prestige, or reputations.
Main Cast: Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, Jerry Orbach, and Kelly Bishop.
Romantic Mood: Uplifting.
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.9/10.
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