10 Most Common Work-out Mistakes ...

Whether you’ve just joined a gym for the first time, or have been there for years, chances are, you’re not getting the most out of your work-out. Most of us, newbies and veterans alike, make the same work-out mistakes, and they keep us from reaching our fitness goals, and can actually hurt us. According to Ken Cannon, the Fitness Director at a gym in metro Detroit, these common mistakes are made by men and women alike, and here they are:

1. Your Work-out is Too Long

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Look at the clock, Cannon suggests. “If your work-out is taking more than an hour, you’re either spending too much time between sets socializing, or you’re spending too much time working out,” he says. That hour should include your warm-up and cool down, too. Load an hour’s worth of great work-out music or set an alarm on your iPod if you’re not sure you can track your hour accurately.

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