10 Most Beautiful Flowers You Can Grow ...

I love nothing more than working in the garden and watching the changes in it each day. I have tons of flowers that bloom each month and never get tired of seeing them if full color. Even though I have a large variety of flowers, both annuals and perennials, there are some I look forward to more than others. The following are the 10 most beautiful flowers you can grow, in my opinion!

10. Orange Day Lily

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Photo Credit: Corey Leopold

Lilies are often a very hardy plant and can grow in just about any soil. I like the way the leaves of Day Lilies look like tall grass and wave gently with the breeze. These are great in flower arrangements too. The orange color makes me happy just seeing it out in my yard. I have seen these lilies in yellow as well, but I prefer the orange for my garden.

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