10 Meaningful Oscar Wilde Quotes ...

Oscar Wilde is my favorite writer of all time. I love a lot of writers, but can safely say he is my favorite. He wrote novels to die for, he is responsible for Dorian Gray, he was a poet and playwright and even wrote books for children. He is also one of the sharpest satirists ever, and as such is responsible for a number of quotes, all of them witty, most of them profound, and not a few of them extremely meaningful. I thought I’d share my favorites!

1. β€œthe Only Way to Get Rid of a Temptation is to Yield to It.”

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This isn’t the first time you’ll see something about temptation here, because Oscar has such a way of saying what just about everyone thinks at one time or another, over something. This is from "The Picture of Dorian Gray," which is a virtual treasure chest of witticisms.

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