10 Hottest Valentino Bags ...

Glancing over the collection of Valentinohandbags this season, I’ve noticed the designers have been inspired by femininity and romance, with sweet bows and ruffled flowers. But, as usual, the designers have added a city-smart edge by abstracting the details and using just the right fabrics and colors to pull their bags together. Here are my favorite Valentino bags, all of them hot, all of them wanted!

1. Valentino Large Fabric Bag

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Price: $837 at store.valentino.com
Varnished to the glossiest shine and topped with a sassy bow! This bag has a double handle at the top, a magnetic closure, and is available in patent-shiny black or flirty Kelly green. An entire weekend of fun, paired with any casual outfit. Don’t be shy! Pair it with sassy yellow ballet flats or spiky peep-toe heels and that bold geometric dress you’ve been dying to wear.

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