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10 Guy Movies I Cant Believe I Liked ...

By Lyndsie

Guys make fun of chick flicks a lot. Of course, at the same time, a lot of girls -- myself included, ah thank you -- are making fun of dude movies. These are generally buddy-cop movies and things about ninjas. However, cross connections do occur, and so I have to admit that there are a surprising number of guy movies I liked. Here are ten of them...

Table of contents:

  1. the godfather
  2. super troopers
  3. fight club
  4. the maltese falcon
  5. goodfellas
  6. swingers
  7. the last boy scout
  8. the matrix
  9. se7en
  10. saving private ryan

1 The Godfather

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The Godfather -- as well as II and III, but especially the first one -- is probably the most epic guy movie ever. It is so epic that it even gets quoted in chick flicks (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?). I watched it once on accident and promptly fell in love. Love goes out to the sequels as well. My question, to anyone who knows: worth it to read the books as well?

2 Super Troopers

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I know, I know. I don’t know what to say for myself. I saw this in college and it kind of stuck. I think Broken Lizard is generally awesome, but I especially love seeing them with cop mustaches. This is the best of their bunch, and I hear there’s going to be a sequel.

3 Fight Club

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Uhm, yes please? I confess, I only saw this movie for the first time fairly recently. Yes, I’m ashamed of myself. What can I say, something about a bunch of guys like Edward Norton (even more than Brad Pitt, but he’s cool too) beating the ever loving crackers out of one another is awesome. I could quote from this movie an obnoxious amount of the time. Rule one.

4 The Maltese Falcon

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I love me some Humphrey Bogart. He is actually in one of my favorite chick flicks as well, Sabrina. (I hate that remake.) I actually saw this in high school, and yes, it thoroughly beat any kind of work we could have been doing.

5 Goodfellas

Price: $6.99 at
I admit it. I love The Godfather(s), I love The Sopranos, and I love Goodfellas. I just watched it last week, hanging out with my dad. I see a lot of good guy movies hanging out with my dad. Plus, I love Ray Liotta. He’s a crossover start, too: Corrina, Corrina and Heartbreakers. Holla.

6 Swingers

Price: $11.49 at
I like Vince Vaughn. I have nothing else to say for myself. I love Vince Vaughn, actually. Four Christmases. Couples Retreat -- it’s frigging horrible, but I love it. And I don’t know, I’m strange, but there was something hot about a very … very young Vince. He’s money.

7 The Last Boy Scout

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I love Bruce Willis. I’ve been a fan of Damon Wayans since back in the day of In Living Color. I like Halle Berry too. Actually, I really, really love Bruce Willis, I love most of his movies, and he is a surprising crossover king, thanks to Death Becomes Her.

8 The Matrix

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Oh em gee. Love The Matrix. It’s the only thing I’ve ever liked starring Keanu Reeves, but like it I do. I don’t even like the chick flicks Keanu’s in, but this is just pure awesome sauce. Of course, the supporting cast has more than a little to do with that.

9 Se7en

Price: $10.99 at
Again, this is not solely do to Brad Pitt. I think the guy’s a great answer, but I was into this movie for one man and one man only: Kevin Spacey. I would watch Kevin Spacey star in an infomercial, I don’t even care. Plus, well, serial killer movies are so money.

10 Saving Private Ryan

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I would watch Tom Hanks in an infomercial as well. I would probably buy whatever he was selling. I also like war movies. I have even been known to watch John Wayne movies. And shamelessly enjoy them.

One of my favorite things is watching movies with my dad, because well, neither the Other Half nor my mom, who are my two best friends, fancy guy movies. So, tell me. Are there any other testosterone soaked films you can recommend?

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