10 Great Games on the Xbox 360 ...

I don't know about you, but I love my Xbox 360. It's practically my lifeline. If you are looking for some great games on this system, then I can help you out. Below, I am going to give you the op 10 games on Xbox 360, so it's time to break out with controller, headset and start gaming...

10. Shadowrun

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If you like magic and constant action, this is the game for you. The game is only one player, but over Xbox live, you can have friends join your team. You can also play against bots in one player. You have a choice of four different races to be and each race has their own pros and cons. The choice of troll, dwarf, human and elf will be up to you. You buy techniques, weapons, or magic to help you defeat other players. As you play each game, you will find yourself buying your stuff over and over. What surprised me about the game was the teleportation through walls, floors or even people. The game is based on modern weapons and with an old twist of elven, orc and dwarves.

9. Fallout 3

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If you haven’t heard about this game, than you should know it takes place after the nuclear bombing in many spots of the world. Only a few have survived to see the broken government and free world act to form. They call it the wastelands, because it is barren lands full of ruble and old cities. Of course, you play as a survivor that has been born in a vault deep underground, which was protected from the war. The game allows you to be good, bad or neutral based on your decision. You can be a manic killer or a good soldier and save everyone from the wasteland. Why not be evil for once?

8. Grand Theft Auto 4

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I know, this game has a lot of bad karma and gangster type gameplay, but it's still one of my top ten. In the game, you have the options of playing Xbox live or playing the missions alone. This time around, the driving feels real and bullets hit harder. If you want to steal a car, you have to break the window and disengage the alarm system. A lot more realistic and fun with your husband, for those that has two x box 360's.

7. Call of Duty 5 World at War

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I'm not into old warfare games, but the zombie modes are fun. With co-op and x box live, you won't have a problem with this game. You can level through the ranks and unlock new weapons. Just like modern warfare, you unlock weapons as you go. In zombie mode, you can play with a partner or four players total to make your chances of survival. You go through waves of zombies and buy weapons along your way.

6. Rainbow Six Las Vegas 2

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If you like squad type games and hiding behind walls to sneak up on incoming enemies, you will enjoy this game. This game can be 2 player in the main campaign and the terrorist hunt mode. Although, x box live is one player, you can level through a point system. You will get to unlock new gear and guns. I always like to be the sniper out of my team and enjoy sniping.

5. Gears of War 2

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Of course, I have to put this one, because for one my spouse and I play this game a lot over Xbox Live. The game has many new modes, which of course there is the co-op mode like always. The x box live modes and horde mode brought this game to my attention. You can play many hours of destroying waves of enemies in horde mode or test your skills online. I like the picture mode that allows you put your gameplay on the internet. Always enjoy taking pictures of gruesome blood or heads falling off.

4. Aliens Vs. Predator PS3

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I have always been a fan of the predator and alien movies and finally they put Aliens vs. PPredator on the Xbox 360. Happy to know this game came out, I got it and wasn't disappointed. Although, there is a few problems with connecting with rank games online. You have a choice of being humans, alien, or predator. As you go through ranks, you get to be different aliens, predators or humans. The game play was scary and inventive, giving each class something they're good at. Although the humans can't see as well as the predators or aliens. Fun and inventive game play that allows you to enjoy offline and online games.

3. Resident Evil 5

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Who doesn't like the story of Resident Evil 5? Resident evil brought something new to the story and that’s allowing a partner to help you through the game. Yes, we like the idea of it being co-op, because it made it more fun and less like a single player zombie killer game. This allows your spouse or even siblings to help you defeat many zombie-like creatures with teamwork. If you like scary games, this one is for sure worth buying.

2. Halo 3/ ODST

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Halo 3 is definitely one of my favorite games to play, because you can have more than one player. The one and only game that allows up to four players split screen online. Halo has many good multiplayer modes that allow you to enjoy massive online battles and a ranking system. Very fun game to play and have in your collection.

1. Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Now, we're talking. Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out a few months ago and I haven't stop playing it since. A lot different from the first Bad Company, you have different modes and you have to unlock new weapons. The starting kits will only have basic weapons and no additions. You have to unlock all these through points and helping your team out. You get points through kills and taking over spawn points. The choice is up to you with each kit. If you play the single player game, you will enjoy an in-deep story full of action.

We hope that you read our top ten x box 360 games and decided on a game you should play. I always have fun playing video games with my daughter and don't forget my spouse. Are you going to play these games?

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