10 Gorgeous Items to Wish for This Christmas ...

Have you been good this year? I’m positively sure you have and that you’ll both give and receive many presents this Christmas. But, why not put together a wish list to help you determine what you like and what you need? Okay, it doesn’t have to start with “Dear Santa”, I know we’re not kids anymore but still, a short list of your desired items can’t hurt… especially when you’re grown enough to be your own Santa. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Michael Kors IPhone Case

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Price: $79.95 at gifts.com
Wish it if: You are a fashion&tech freak
Most people won’t even think about buying you a new iPhone case, believe me on that one! If you have an iPhone, you certainly have a case, so why would anybody take the risk of buying you something you already have. However, iPhone cases are like bags, you can never have just one. So, here’s a stylish wallet-size iPhone clutch you can treat yourself with after the Christmas or if you have some money left over from your Christmas shopping.

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