10 Fast Foods That Won't Ruin Your Diet ...

We all know that fast food is terribly unhealthy for us, and yet we Americans spend more on fast food each year than we do on higher education and on health care. Itโ€™s probably because fast food is so convenient! But you can still eat fast food without ruining your diet or your overall health. How? Hereโ€™s my list of the ten fast foods that are actually pretty good for you, and wonโ€™t wreck your diet!

1. Burger King TenderGrill Garden Salad

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Instead of: Tendercrisp (fried) chicken sandwich
This yummy salad has a little bit of everything โ€” crisp lettuce, tasty carrots, ripe tomatoes, three kinds of cheese, and a little grilled chicken. Choose from one of two light dressings (Kenโ€™s fat-free ranch or light Italian) and you wonโ€™t ruin your diet! This is much better for you than the fried chicken sandwichโ€ฆ compare 270 calories, 9 grams of fat in the salad to a whopping 800 calories, 46 grams of fat In the sandwich! Wow!

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