10 Facebook Dating Mistakes We've All Made ...

Everyone knows one. That lovely girl who was amazing single, but when love struck them, it seemed to knock out their brains. In the past, crazy episodes would be experienced only by close friends, who wouldn’t bring them up again and we could move on happy no one would ever know. These days, Facebook is involved. Here are ten <a title="Top 7 dating mistakes …" href="http://allwomenstalk.com/top-7-dating-mistakes/">dating mistakes you really shouldn’t make, but everyone does...

1. The Joint Account

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AdamAndSarah has just added you as a friend, tagged you in lots of pictures, commented on all of your statuses and sent you a message about a very private subject. But which one?! Adam, or Sarah?! This is so annoying. You are separate people. Have separate accounts!!!

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