10 Cutest Victoria's Secret LOVE Pink Items ...

I absolutely love the Victoria’s Secret LOVE Pink line! All of the clothes are cute and comfortable. I have a bunch of their tees and yoga pants perfect for gym, and even some flip-flop sandals! They’ve just released some new items for spring and summer, and I love them, too! Here’s my list of the ten cutest Victoria’s Secret Pink items… I’m adding most of them to my shopping cart right now!

1. Victoria’s Secret Pink Bling V-Neck Tee

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Price: $29.50 at victoriassecret.com
Choose a little glitter from sparkly sequins or beads and get your bling on in pink, blue, or grey. The longer length and deep vee flatter everyone, from size XS to L. The pink says “perfect” and the blue and grey both say “lovely” in a loopy, girlie script.

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