10 Cute Floral Dresses for Spring ...

Everyone loves a floral print, but it can be so hard to wear! I mean, those pink flowery leggings might look divine on the catwalk, but will they suit me? And while it’s easy to pick up a gorgeous floral bag, I always manage to leave something important in my old bag. I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and invest in some gorgeous floral dresses to keep me on trend and cool through the season and here are my top then cute floral dresses for spring...

1. MinkPink Floral Bandeau Dress

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Price: $94 at asos.com
This bandeau dress is a perfect casual day dress, whether you are shopping or meeting friends. The pastel colours keep it very trendy and easy to co-ordinate with girly accessories! The big print and sweetheart neckline are divine, too, and teamed with a cute pastel clutch and matching shoes you’ll be ready for daytime chic!

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