10 Cool Posters to Spruce up Any Wall ...

The quickest way to spruce up a room without buying new furniture and painting the walls is to add a few pieces of art. If you don’t have a few extra thousand dollars for lying around for genuine paintings you can do what I do – buy a few artsy posters and spruce them up with a frame. Here are ten cool posters to add some pop to your walls.

1. New York City Poster

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Price: $30.00 at theheadsofstate.myshopify.com
The cool thing about NYC is that it’s every American’s city. It’s a place nowhere else in the world. Lights and sounds and grit and luxury. Maybe it’s the melting pot of cultures of the fact that all of coolest shows are filmed there, either way I love that place. I can have my very own piece of Lady Liberty with this poster from those hip designers at The Heads of State. If you aren’t feeling NYC, you have 7 other American cities to choose from.

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