8 Causes of Obesity ...

Ask anyone what they think the causes of obesity are and pat will come the answer : Overeating and not enough exercise. But many causes of obesity are far more deeprooted than just these two as I found out from my recent research. Here are the top eight causes of obesity that you may not be aware of...

8. Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Not getting enough sleep is a big cause of obesity.When you don't get enough sleep, your body has too little leptin which is involved in the regulation of appetite, metabolism and calorie burning. It is basically the chemical that lets your brain know that you're full. Your body will also have too much ghrelin which basically has the opposite function of telling your brain when you need to eat and when it should stop burning calories. Result? Weight gain ofcourse. Therefore, I recommend you get enough sleep each night to avoid obesity. Besides, getting your proper amount of sleep will make you feel better and more active during the day. And if you can't seem to cure insomnia, maybe you need to visit your doctor.

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