10 Black Tie Appropriate Cocktail Dresses ...

The Dress Code** --- **sometimes clearly defined, but oftentimes very vague. If one thing is guaranteed, it is that black tie events require a distinguished, classic attire. Because of this prerequisite and sometimes discerning eyes of partiers, dressing up can be conforming and quite boring amidst so many ankle-length dowdy gowns. Here are ten cocktail dresses that fulfill your RSVP requirement to be “up to code,” while still looking trendy and chic.

1. ASOS Oversized Sequin Shift Dress

Price: $146.54 us.asos.com

Beading and sequins instantly turn a mere work-appropriate outfit into a flirty cocktail dress. While classically appropriate from the front, your sexiness exudes when turning around to mingle, revealing an open back that will garner a lot of attention. Those hot philanthropists will be hitting on you in no time.