10 Birthday Greetings for Your Friend’s Sweet Sixteen …

Sweet sixteen is one of those special milestones that mean more for young girls than for boys. Historically it used to be a celebration of a woman coming of age although 18 is really the age of adulthood. Whatever the reason, if you want to do something innovative for your friend’s sweet sixteen, here are a few ideas.

1. A Picture Frame Greeting

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Rather than give her a card that she will discard along with all the others, make this one a keepsake by giving her a framed photo frame of the two of you. You can write a message on the bottom to add a personal touch.

2. A Memory Book Greeting

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Putting together a short memory book of your times together would be a wonderful keepsake to present to your friend on her sweet sixteen. If you are creatively inclined you can make this extremely innovative.

3. A Musical Greeting

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Record a message along with her favorite song and send her a musical greeting. You can do so online or present her with a CD. Both are thoughtful and sensitive ideas.

4. A Friendship Book Greeting

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If you and your friend are big readers then consider presenting her with a book on her sweet sixteen. It could be an enduring story about friendship, perhaps something that you personally enjoyed or one that comes highly recommended.

5. A Video Greeting

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In this day and age, with the latest advancements in technology, literally anyone with a computer can make an outstanding video. If this is something you are good at, then get started on your video greeting. She’s sure to love it.

6. Handmade Greeting

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Making a personal handmade greeting using natural tools and props could be well appreciated by your friend on her sweet sixteen. It shows you put in a great deal of effort on her birthday.

7. Photo Collage Greeting

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If you have a number of photographs of your friend with other friends, you can make a photo collage greeting with everyone signing off and sending their wishes. It would be a wonderful keepsake for her to preserve for years to come.

8. Quilted Greeting

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This idea is only suitable for those who are inclined towards quilting and sewing. It is a major job to make a quilt but if you like doing it, then make a quilted greeting for your friend on her sweet sixteen. You can include some of her favorite colors, designs and characters.

9. Photo Calendar Greeting

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Nowadays you can order a number of photo gifts online so why not present your friend with a photo calendar, one that she can use for the rest of the year. You can add photos of friends and other loved ones so that as each month passes, she has a personalized calendar to check the date.

10. Printed T-shirt Greeting

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Another excellent idea is to get her a printed T-shirt greeting for her sweet sixteen. Instead of writing the usually mushy stuff, put together something clever and witty. She will love to wear it for years to come.

Sweet sixteen is an important event for a young woman and if you are close to your friend, you will want to do everything you can to make it special. Hopefully these ideas will get you going.

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