10 Best Gifts for Guys ...

Buying gifts for guys can be tough. Especially if you spent your entire holiday shopping budget on your mom, friends, and sister, maybe on something little for yourself. Now what are you going to buy for your brother, your father, and that guy from the office you drew for Secret Santa? No worries! Here’s my top ten list of inexpensive gifts you can buy for any guy on your list. Some of these might work for your boyfriend, too! All of these are less than $20, so grab your debit card and hang on tight!

1. “Maybe This Christmas Tree” CD

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Price: $8.99 at amazon.com
If your brother or that guy at work is into music, then give him a gift of holiday cheer! This CD is fantastic, with holiday hits by various popular artists, like Death Cab for Cutie, Ivy, Copeland, and the Raveonettes. Not sure if he’ll like it? You can listen to samples of each track at amazon.com. Also check out the first two “Maybe This Christmas” CDs… both are wonderful!

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