10 Best Foods for Losing Weight after Having a Baby ...

This blog is intended for all of you new moms out there that are struggling with trying to lose weight. I was there in yours shoe four years ago. I had a baby five years ago, when I was 19 and didn’t figure out how to get rid of the weight until a year later. I’m still trying to lose weight as I had another child. I must start by telling you that losing weight is not about starving yourself. When you eat too little, the only place you will feel lighter is the head. I am going to give you 10 best foods for losing weight after having a baby.

10. Steak

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If you like meat, then I know you are going to really like this. The protein that is in the lean cuts of steak will help keep your muscle mass during weight loss. With this, you will be shedding more of that frustrating pudge. Try grilling or broiling a top round or sirloin. Slice it thinly and top it with a salad. This is definitely one of the best foods for losing weight after having a baby. Yummy.

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