10 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know ...

When I started putting on makeup, I was a teenager and I must say that even though I thought I knew what I was doing, I didn't! I know, there is nothing worse than getting advice from older people, so when the older ones in my life told me how to do it, I don’t think I took it to heart. However, the truth is that some advice really is worth taking! I always tried to take my mom’s advice. We have read thousands ofbeauty tips and tried thousands of products and only a couple of them are worth having. Here are 10 beauty secrets every teen should know…

10. Skip the Foundation

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If you have acne, then it is important that you skip the foundation. Foundation is for older women, not for teenagers. It is going to cover up your natural beauty. Foundation on a teenager is far from natural. If you have blemishes, then try covering them up with some concealer and follow this step with some tinted moisturizer or some powder.

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