10 Beautiful Cases for the Kindle 3 ...

Okay, first of all, I LOVE BOOKS. I am talking about the paper kind, of course. Nothing can ever compare to sniffing and flipping their pages. When I have a book in my hands, I know my place in the world. HOWEVER, I am aware that with the progression of time comes changes in how things are manufactured. And in the case of books, the electronic format is looking like the next logical step (after animal skin, papyrus, and our beloved paper now). I accepted this fact early this year and vowed to save up for a Kindle 3. In a wonderfully strange turn of events, I got gifted the Kindle 3 (YAY!) so now I'm thinking of using the money I've saved up to get a gorgeous cover/case for my e-book reader. Here are some that I've been crushing on:

1. Tuff-Luv Murrakesh

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**Price: **$59.99 at amazon

I've been browsing Amazon's selection of cases and jackets for days now and I keep coming back to this beauty. I know that the addition of fabrics speaks well of my personality. The fact that this offers multi-stand view is a great bonus.

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