10 Beautiful Bookcases to Add to Your Home ...

The boyfriend and I are planning on moving to a new place. We like our studio now (it's far from the center of the city and we get only a few encounters with polluted corners) but it has become too tiny for our things. There are no built-in shelves at the new place so that's a bit of a problem. At the back of my head, I keep hearing Tyler Durden say "The things you own end up owning you" but I choose to ignore him. Seriously, why would I let go of my books (among other things)? Why would I stop hoarding books? The only solution is to buy more bookcases! Here are some that could work:

1. Hemnes Bookcase

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Price: $130 at ikea

I have two bookcases that look similar to this and they are very useful. While some people want huge bookcases, I actually prefer these narrow types. Reasons: they are perfect for vignettes. I'm a sucker for whimsically displayed teapots, trinkets, etc, etc.

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