10 Awesome Gadgets Every Woman Will Love ...

Nowadays, it's not only expected that women are beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted and successful in their career, but it's also expected that we will be tech-savvy and up to date with new products on the market. So here are 10 gadgets that you might have heard of, or might not, but that you're sure to love!

1. Smartphone

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They're all the rage nowadays, as I'm sure you know. The smartphone combines the normal phone functions of calling and texting, but also brings in a media player, camera, video recorder and player and Internet browsing. In some phones it's even more than that! Although the iPhone is the best recognised of the smartphones, it is actually not the top of its class! Amazingly, the HTC Evo 4 and the Galaxy S series are being rated higher by critics and users alike for their performance and inbuilt hardware and software. Shop around carefully before buying, and have an idea in mind of what you want it to excel in, and what can just be “OK.” That way you'll find the best match.

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