10 Amazing Sephora Special Editions or Gift Sets ...

As most warm-blooded females, I am obsessed with makeup, hair products and likewise girly-girl products to get me looking, smelling and feeling good. Sephora helps me obtain everything (and more than) I need through its super-yummy smelling and brightly lit welcoming stores and its comprehensive and convenient online shop. They also sell some exclusive special editions, amazing samplers and gift sets, my favorites listed below:

1. Best of Fragrance Deluxe Sampler

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Price: $50.00 sephora.com
I love fragrances as much as makeup, but I also like to test out scents for a few days before making an investment on anything new. This 10-piece set of perfume contains samples of Sephora’s best sellers as well as a pink cosmetic case. But best of all, the gift includes a voucher for a full-size product, so you can try them all out before committing to your favorite.

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