10 Amazing Messenger Bags ...

Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to find a cool messenger bag these days? I love messengers, because they're fashionable – if you get lucky – and functional, and I like to carry my entire life with me wherever I go. I ferreted out some really cool bags, though, so I hope y'all like these 9 amazing messenger bags as much as I do!

1. K-Cliffs Black & White Fleur Messenger Bag

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Price: $29.99 at amazon.com
This is both a messenger bag and a laptop bag, but it's not so large and bulky that you can't use it every day – whether you have a laptop or not. Although the color palette is a simple black and white, the floral motif is really gorgeous. I'm generally fond of anything even vaguely reminiscent of the fleur de lys.

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