10 Adorable Valentine's Day Gifts (for Her) ...

So what are your plans for February 14? For those who are romantically involved, have you shopped for a gift for your boy/girl? If the answer is no to the previous question, this short gift guide will help you. Take note, though, that these are gifts ideal for girls. To ladies who are reading this, you may bookmark this post and find a subtle way to make the boyfriend read it. Or, you know, point and say "I want this, PLEASE."

1. Pincushion Necklace

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Price: $45 at shanalogic

I sew. I craft. And yes, I let the boyfriend know that I want this necklace. In a subtle way, of course. You will love this neckalce because the red felt looks gorgeous paired with the silver-colored thimble and sterling silver chain. This comes with real push pins, too. Great for emergencies, methinks.

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