7 Wonderfully Mouthwatering Moroccan Food Blogs ...


Interested in Moroccan Food Blogs?

Then this is your lucky day because we give you here 7 that are amazingly informative and overflowing with recipes.

The top Moroccan food blogs we have here cover traditional recipes and many cooking techniques.

And just like other cooking websites, these fantastic Moroccan food blogs are never lacking in eye candy.

1. Dinners & Dreams

Dinners & Dreams

This is the food blog of a Moroccan expat.

It is one of the top Moroccan food blogs today because the recipes look so easy to follow and the photos are simply divine.

From the blog: Dinners &

Dreams started back in 2009 when I began documenting family recipes in an effort to reconnect with my origins and preserve my heritage for posterity.

It was a way for me to anchor myself and deal with homesickness.

Gradually, it became a space where people gathered, talked about food, connected, were inspired and contributed inspiration of their own.3

2. Maroc Mama

Maroc Mama

Maroc Mama is the blog of one lovely lady who met her husband in Marrakech and is now raising two adorable boys.

Hers is one of the best Moroccan food blogs out there because not only does it have recipes, it also has great posts on what you can do when you visit Morocco.

Did I mention that Amanda's boys are adorable?

They are enough reasons to visit this blog.

3. Sousoukitchen


This is one of the top Moroccan food blogs out there, no doubt about it.

It is a great blog to check out if you want to immerse yourself in Moroccan recipes and cooking methods.

This blog is fantastic because it also has a good number of international recipes.

Bonus: you can view this blog in English, Arabic, or French.

4. Moroccan Food

This blog on About.com is written by one lady who has been "cooking Moroccan dishes for family, friends and guests for over 17 years." We find this blog brilliant because it is easy to navigate.

The tips and techniques for cooking Moroccan food are also quite fantastic.

The ratings that readers leave on the recipes are helpful, too.

Moroccan Cuisine Marocaine by Mamatkamal
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